150: The Showdown, Part III

Attention everyone on the internet!  Due to the overwhelming response from Wednesday's online protest, BOTH SOPA AND PIPA HAVE BEEN PERMANENTLY SUSPENDED IN CONGRESS!!!  SOPA and PIPA have been stopped!  WE DID IT!!!  I am incredibly proud of everyone who signed a petition or shared the links with others, this is a true testament to the powers of civil protest.  A combined 13 million signatures were collected all over the world, with Google collecting 7 million just on its own.  The Congressmen in charge of the bills responded to the protest by saying, "we will postpone voting on anti-piracy legislation until we have more agreement on a solution."  Congratulations, internet.  We won this one.  :)

To celebrate, I'm going to put up some links from one of my NEWEST FAVORITE BANDS.  They are called CROW'SCLAW, a video game cover band with the most badass rock and metal covers I've ever heard.  These guys are more talented than most other rock bands around today; their styles are varied, their guitar work is FRAKKING BADASS, and they add their own twists to the songs they cover, breathing them new life.  Playing songs from various Final Fantasy games and anime (and eroge visual novels, teehee), they bring a level of skill and high production quality that is missing from many other cover bands.  I cannot say enough good things about this band, they really have become one of my newest all-time favorites.  Here are three different songs of theirs, to give everyone a taste of their skill and various styles.  First up is a great, with a freaking kickass guitar solo.  Next, to show their variety, we have a very soft, electronic-style song.  This track is absolutely beautiful, and I love the drum beat, electronic or not.  The guitar comes in at 1:35.  Lastly, we have my favorite song of theirs so far.  This song is nothing but 3 straight minutes of awesome rock guitar.  This video has worse sound quality, but some of the soloing these guys do is incredible.  I would like to give a huge huge thank you to Darin from Washington for first telling me about these guys.  And of course I have several others who deserve some thanks, as well!  Engineseer from Greece, thank you for all of the kind words and for sharing your refined musical tastes with me!  John from U.K., for mentioning a little-known artist by the name of Richard Cheese, thanks to you, too!  And lastly to Metalmusick from Venezuela, for the new band you've introduced me to (which you guys will get to hear about), I owe you!  Thank you so much!

And before I get out of here for the weekend (and because I am incapable of making these posts short and sweet), I feel like giving you guys some insights into the nerdiness that is Kevin Griffin.  Since the last several days have been about the Legend of Zelda, I want you guys to see just how much I actually like these games.  You ready?  Here's the background on my phone.  And here's the lock screen image.  And here's what my google search page looks like.  And here's what it was before that.  And although it's not related to Zelda, as one final moment of glorious nerddom, I present to you my current computer wallpaper.  All of these images were found on google search, and credit for them deserves to go to their appropriate authors.  See you next week!

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