151: The Showdown, Finale

"Don't go breaking my heart container."  Woohoo, finally got the comic uploaded!  This long double-comic probably took me about eight hours to draw, and another hour to edit!  But it ended up being awesome, I love Jolie's poses in all of her panels.  They're just so spunky!  And you know who else is spunky, if by "spunky" I mean "freaking awesome"?  Jess from Australia, that's who!  Jess said some awesome things that just made me feel gosh darn appreciated, and I would like to respond with a heartfelt thank you!  Similarly deserving of your undying devotion and mindless worshipping are two people who currently live in an imaginary land called the internet.  They are Andrew, who discussed Rolling Stone's "Top 100" lists, and Austin C., who is anti-SOPA and pro-Simon & Garfunkel!  Both good opinions to have!  Thanks to both of you, it was a pleasure.

Now how about I give you guys something AWESOME to listen to?  Alright, already!  No need to shout!  This here is a little video of a guitarist named Victor Smolski.  He is the guitarist for a band called Rage, and his soloing skills are out of this world.  Check him out right here.  The thing that I found most impressive about his soloing (besides how good it is), is how many different styles this guy incorporates into one song.  He goes through seemingly every metal guitar style in existence, all just by playing around with the knobs on his guitar.  Gosh darn fabulous.  To thank for this offering of shredding and wailing, we have Mo from Germany.  Thanks Mo!  More recommendage tomorrow, see you guys then!

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