Song of the Day

January 23, 2012
Hard Times
The Parlor Mob
And You Were A Crow (2008)

Here's a song by a new band called The Parlor Mob.  They have a very bluesy-progressive hard rock sound, similar to Wolfmother.  And because the singers from both bands sound similar to one another, the two bands are often compared by fans.  This song was one of the two singles off their debut album.  It was a very good album, too, if you are looking for a new modern rock band.  The number of measures they use varies between the intro and the verse.  Rather than 4 measures, 4 measures, 4 measures, etc, the intro goes: 4 measures, 5 measures, 5 measures.

(or like, 2 measures, 2 1/2 measures, 2 1/2 measures, depending on how you count it.  It's all the same.)


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