152: Leaving

Sultan's leaving? Oh NOOOES!!!  Well, I sure as hell had fun while he was here.

Today I've decided to talk about all the metal bands that I've gotten multiple requests for, but have yet to mention.  All of these bands were recommended to me at some point, along with others, and the others were the ones that I immediately liked and remembered.  I would forget about these bands, and then someone else would recommend them, and I'd be like "Oh, yeah!  I forgot these guys were pretty good!"  Here are some of those bands now!  First up is a great symphonic power metal band called Rhapsody of Fire.  Some of you metalheads may already know these guys, they've been around since 1993.  They originally went under the name "Rhapsody", but were forced to change it due to "copyright issues".  Here's one of their really popular songs, "Dawn of Victory."  Next up is another epic/batlle-inspired band known as Hammerfall.  These guys frequently write big, soaring choruses, about standing together in battle with one's brothers.  Check out this song, with a kickass guitar riff, called "Hearts On Fire."  Last up is a similarly-styled band called Sabaton.  Their music and lyrics are inspired by World War I & II, and they really stick to that theme.  You've got to give them credit for coming up with an original source of inspiration and staying with it.  Here's a song of theirs that I really like, "Panzer Batallion."  I'd like to thank everyone who ever told me about these bands at any point.  See you tomorrow with NEW COMIC OMG!

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