153: Punk Rock 101

This comic goes out to the first person I ever got an email from: Tim from Belgium.  Tim is a big fan of punk rock, so I'm dedicating the next couple days to talking about the genre.  If you still read the comic, Tim, you are awesome and I still remember getting that first email like it was yesterday.  You'll notice on the board above that "Fuck Authority" is underlined.  That's by far the most important aspect of being a punk rock band.  For that reason, there aren't a whole lot of real punk rock bands around today.  Is Avril Lavigne a good girly-pop artist?  Yes, she is.  Is she punk at all?  Fuck no.  And while The Stooges were one of the first bands to ever play punk rock-styled music, the Ramones had a much bigger influence on modern punk rock in terms of chord progressions and form.  There's a lot about the genre on my mind, so I have to decide which things I'm going to talk about, and in what order.  If I can't fit everything into a couple comics, I might have to do a full page rant.  :)  Also, in case you were wondering, I did totally base how Middle-Aged Kevin looks on my own father.  He is patiently awaiting the day I start losing my hair so he can return all of those bald jokes I've done at him.  Well I say eff THAT shizz, cuz when I start going bald, I'm shaving my whole gald-dern head!  I'm going Bruce Willis up in here!  I actually tried it last summer to see how it looked.  It looked like this.  So, you know, pretty freaking awesome.

The band that we all get to listen to today is a hard rock band from Sweden called Mustasch!  They have a good blendy sound of grungey hard rockness, and this video I have for you uses clips from old Kung Fu movies!  Check out their sound here.  I'd like to thank Metalmusick from Venezuela for introducing this band to me, because these guys were a great discovery!

www.strassner.com www.flashbackmedia.tv