155: Punk-O-Meter

I came up with this scale as a way to say everything that I wanted to say about punk rock, all in a single comic.  The main idea that I wanted to talk about was how you can be punk rock band, and not play punk rock music.  Punk rock is all about the image.  But I also wanted to talk about different bands, and if I did a full page rant, I would've been jumping between vastly different ideas anyway, so this really was the perfect solution.

And speaking of social upheaval and protest, I bring you the outrageous news that ANOTHER treaty similar to SOPA and PIPA has already been signed by the U.S., England, Australia, and a dozen other countries, and is about to be ratified by the European Parliament.  This treaty, known as ACTA, includes all of the danger to the internet under "copyright protection" that SOPA did, but this one even infringes upon the civil rights of the citizens.  For the last few years, the world's largest governments have been meeting IN SECRET to draft this treaty.  I'm not kidding, this treaty was drafted behind closed doors, and the people who wrote it and have control over it do not need to disclose ANYTHING about it to the public.  The only reason we know about it is because of Wikileaks.  The writing contained in the treaty will not only bring criminal cases against people who give or receive illegal content, it also forces internet service providers to police all of your internet activity.  Similar to the U.S. Patriot Act, which allowed the government to wiretap suspected criminal's phones without a warrant, this treaty will force internet service providers to spy on their customers.  Every country involved in this treaty has already signed it, and the only thing left to do is for the European Parliament to ratify it this summer.  This is once again a drastic and terrible thing for the internet, as well as for the rights of the citizens of every country involved.  We need to petition against this just like we did SOPA and PIPA, I urge you, please.  Here is the link to a petition, which also has links that explain the treaty in greater detail.  You wanna be punk?  You wanna say FUCK THE GOVERNMENT?  Now is the time to do it.

Finally, there are a multitude of folks that I would like to show my deepest gratitude to.  The first of which is Keon, who brought this horrible treaty to my attention.  Hopefully we can still defeat it.  Next I would like to thank Jacob from California for all of his kind and heartfelt words, which made me incredibly proud to be doing this comic.  Thank you Jacob.  Also from California is my brother's friend Mark, who finally got around to reading my comics!  Thanks Mark, and I guess I have to thank my brother Rob as well, for telling him about it!  The next person deserving of gratitude is Bengt from Sweden, who I've been engaged in conversation with regarding bands, and the existence of Latveria.  (it's totally real).  Some more generous and gracious human beings are Jason and Puffmann, both from PFFT-Whatever, for their recommendations of various bands.  And finally, to all of the returning customers I've heard from over these last few days, like Elie from Lebanon, Mo from Germany, Mij from Australia (whose email inspired me to write yesterday's comic), R F Alexander from England, Jorge From Spain, and Lunch from Mississippi.  Thank you to all of you, I hope you all have a smashing weekend.

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