156: Guest Comic by Stephen Chudley-Knight

Lil' ol' me's been bitten by a wee stomach bug today, so instead I bring you a Battle Metal-inspired Guest Comic by the wonderful Stephen Chudley-Knight, from England!  Inspired by the epic battle theme by Turisas (previously featured), this comic is not only clearly superior to mine because it's in color, it also depicts with perfect accuracy what I'm thinking of while listening to the song.  Special thanks to Stephen, whose name I have declared as "The Most British-Sounding Name In The World."  See more by this artist here, and see more by myself tomorrow when I can actually bend over my desk successfully!

Until then, I'm sure you guys will be able to waste plenty of time watching all of these videos I have for you!  The first was suggested to me by Zack, now from the newly established country of Dorkylvania.  Hope you're enjoying your new home, Zack.  This is a band founded by Ritchie Blackmore, guitarist for Deep Purple and Rainbow, and his eventual wife, singer Candice Night.  The band is called (now follow me on this one . . .) Blackmore's Night.  Now, these guys do not play rock and roll at all.  What these guys play is a type of folk music that I can only describe succefully as "awesome minstrel musicks".  This video is not for the angry rocker at heart, more for the pagan nature-worshipper within us all.  Next up is a band that DOES play rock music!  Many of you may have heard of them already, they are The Vines, and they have made some pretty popular songs already.  Check them out right here, and then thank Mr. Puffmann, who has apparently taken up Zack's old residence in Nowhere.  And lastly, if you're looking for a good symphonic metal song with some beautiful female vocals, check out this song sent to me by Bengt from Sweden!  It's an independant recording by the band Light of Nova, called "White Widow".  The band never got their big break, but they left behind this song for us all to enjoy.  And lastly, since I don't get to be the cartoony joke-maker for today, I give you something far funnier than I shall ever be.  If you didn't already know, Henry Rollins, the frontman from Black Flag, is one of the coolest, funniest dudes in the entertainment industry.  He has made successful careers in every medium imaginable: music, TV, radio, stand-up comedy, spoken-word, you name it.  Here's a video of him doing a full stand-up set all about the living legend himself, Iggy Pop.  It's f*cking hilarious.  Here's Part One, and Part Two, courtesy of Gary from New Zealand.

The Punk-O-Meter comic on Friday ended up getting a huge response!  A lot of people wrote in, some of them really liked it, some were sad that their favorite band wasn't on top, and some other bands didn't get mentioned at all.  But no matter what your opinion of the comic is, simply having an opinion is exactly what I want from you guys.  It proves to me that there are people out there who are passionate and knowledgeable about this topic, and that is exactly what I hope for.  If the decline of music appreciation is a real problem, you guys are the real solution.  I'd like to give a huge thanks to Isaac from Australia, Stefano from Italy/Massachusettes (you decide!), Nick from Question Mark, Gage from BIGGER Question Mark, and lastly Victor from Russia (to whom my response was mailbox-rejected) for everything they had to say about the comic on Friday, and about Punk in general!  And a big thanks to Matt from Russia and Jeanne from Kansas City, as well, for the equally wonderful emails!  See you guys later!

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