157: Judas Priest

Wait, then who's in the casket...?  O_O

Hey, you guys know what's cool?  Music!  Especially kickass music like this: here's an English garage-rock band called Blood Red Shoes.  A two-person band, one guy, one girl, very much like The White Stripes, and an awesome sound that is somewhat comparable as well!  Here's a great video by them for the song "I Wish I Was Someone Better."  I really like these guys, I spent a long time listening to a bunch of their songs and they never ceased to entertain me.  So I now command you all to do the same, with this other video, too!  Lot of great songs by these guys, check em out.  This band was introduced to me by Jorge from Spain, but that's not all he told me about!  I've got another video for you guys from Jorge as well!  Today is officially Jorge Day!  YAY!  This here is a German rock band called The Bates, and their cover of "The Sound of Silence" by Simon & Garfunkel.  I was surprised that this song could be succesfully translated into rock and roll, The Bates did a good job with it.  But the best part is how they pronounce the word "vision" like "wision" (Germans, tee hee).  Hope everyone enjoys the rest of their Jorge Day, See y'all tomorrow!

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