158: Retro Remix Revue

This isn't really a joke, I just really wanted to tell people about this band.  I found Retro Remix Revue by accident, but they were one of the luckiest accidents I could have had.  They are a video game cover band that not only plays their instruments WELL (something lacking in many game cover bands), but do so in a variety of different genres.  They have everything from rock to jazz, with the majority of their songs being beautiful, soft, piano compositions.  One of the best things about their playing is the fact that they add a very long solo to every song, be it on piano or guitar.  It makes those same songs you've always listened to completely new again.  Here's a YouTube playlist of all their songs, scroll through or shuffle through however many you like, I guarantee there'll be something for everyone in there.  The playlist starts off with one of their aforementioned Jazz Mario songs, and of course you can listen to yet another one of those today on the MUSIC page.  Hope you enjoy!

OH MY GOSH you guys, FAN ART!!!!  The talented Luisina from Argentina drew a fabulous fan art for 3-Chord Dorks entitled "GIRLS ROCK", and yes they do!  Here's a thumbnail of the picture, click it to see the full resolution.

Luisina has a lot of really beautiful artwork on her DeviantArt page, here are two of my favorites (I'm sure you can guess why).  Awesome drawing 1, and Awesome Drawing 2.  Thank you so much, Luisina, this is amazing!  And then today I would also like to thank Josh from New Jersey for a bunch of new band recs that he's given me, and the same goes to Kuba from Poland, as well!  Thank you both of you!  And lastly to Randy from North Carolina, a guy filled with "awesome awesomeness" (that was his subject line!) who has also been a fan of good music for more than 30 years, so he deserves all the awesome he has!  See everyone tomorrow!

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