159: Joe Satriani

Joe Satriani is awesome.  Everyone knows him as one of the world's greatest guitarists, but the only things that anybody has actually heard from his 20-year career are those two f*cking songs.  And I don't care, because those songs are so awesome that Joe gets a free pass in my book.

So, today I have a theme for the bands i'll be telling you about, and that theme is "New bands that sound like 80's Hair Metal".  If you haven't already heard, there has been a small resurgance of 80's style hair metal in recent years, with bands replicating not only the SOUND of hair metal, but the hair, glam, and attitude as well.  What was 80's hair metal all about?  Sex, partying, and making awesome generic-sounding rock about sex and partying.  And these bands have all done that spectacularly.  The songs and band members are all quite funny; after all, this is one genre where you shouldn't really take yourself too seriously.  And a lot of the songs are thoroughly enjoyable.  The first band is one that has been around for years, and one that played a big part in the revival of this music.  They are called The Darkness.  Recommended to me by several people, but first mentioned by Quike from Spain, here's one of their most popular videos.  They joke around so much that they would be entertaining no matter what, but the fact that they write good songs makes them even better.  Next up is a recent band known as Steel Panther, and their song "Death To All But Metal".  At first I was going to choose one of their LESS offensive songs, but what do I care?  Nobody's blaming me for shit!  So go ahead and enjoy the UNBELIEVABLE amount of homophobia and sexism that these guys somehow make sound awesome.  Thanks to Jonathan from New York for telling me about this band first.  And last up is a brand new band called Thünderdikk.  That's right, heavy metal umlaut and everything.  Check out their song "Bra Off, Party On".  Honestly, how could you get more "hair metal" than that title, really?  This band courtesy of Josh from New Jersey.  Thanks you guys, and everyone enjoy!

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