160: REVISED Punk-O-Meter!

This was awesome.  I'm a true believer in making fun of people to their faces, so I jumped at this idea.  Now if only I can get Metallca to start reading this comic. . .  There have only been two people I've ever used the "C" word to describe, and they are both people that I have complete and irreconcilable loathing for:  One is the PMRC, the other is my old roommate.  They can both go to hell.  You guys can stay.  <3 <3 <3

HEY!  LISTEN!  I've got names of people who are totally cool and stuff!  And as a special treat to you all, I'm going to describe all of these people by using made-up sex words.  One of those people is Hugo from Brazil, who introduced me to two amazing Brazilian bands!  And another is Jamie from Scotland, another big punk rock fan!  A big thanks to both of you bonerful human beings.  Then there's Jason from Kentucky and Aaron from Iowa, who both said some fantesticle things about the comic and/or AC/DC, both of which are totally boobular in my opinion.  Mike from Panama is another fucktacular dude, a big fan of ska from what I gather!  And lastly I'd like to thank three of the breast people I know, all hailing from the land of "What the heck's a 'country?'".  Those people are Alex, an informer of all these video game-music related, Alan, a fellow web artist like myself, and finally The Æther Digi, who might win the award for "Hardest-To-Type Internet Handle, Ever."  Thanks a bunch to you three, you are all wonderfuck people.

Lastly, I'll leave you with one band from Puffmann, who has recently moved out of Zack's old Nowhere and into the "Great" White North of Canada (quotes joke FTW).  This is a band called Bush, one of the many great Grunge bands that got their start during the 90's.  Here's one of their most popular songs, "Machinehead".  Thanks Puffmann!  See everyone Monday!

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