161: Some Kind Of Monster

Some Kind Of Monster is a documentary about the making of St. Anger, Metallica's worst album, at a time of conflict and turmoil for the band.  One of the most memorable scenes is a therapy session with Lars Ulrich and Dave Mustaine, which went pretty much like what you see there.  As of now, Dave Mustaine has FINALLY been able to put the "trauma" of being kicked out of Metallica behind him, which is good, because it only took him 25 years to do so.  He tried to rebuild connections with Metallica on a few occasions, even coming up with the idea of a Mustaine/Metallica supergroup.  Metallica declined, and still rarely talk about him in public.

Now for some bands and shoutouts!  First is an American pop rock band that I was told about by Jason from Kentucky.  Their name is Four Year Strong, and as far as pop rock goes, these guys are really, really catchy.  Check out one of their songs right here, it's one I never get tired of listening to.  Next is a really funny Australian band called The Beards, who ALL have beards, and sing songs about, that's right, BEARDS.  Here's a great song by them called "You Should Consider Having Sex With A Bearded Man."  Honestly, that title is so good, you don't even need to watch it, just laugh at it's glory.  (But you know you want to watch it.)  Thanks to the Aussie known as Thomas for this video!  And now for shoutouts, first up is a man by the name of Logan from Naples!  And since he didn't specify whether that what Naples, Florida or Napoli, Italy, I'm gonna go with Florida.  Thanks for the email, Logan!  Next is Mravac Kid from Croatia, whose long experience with rock music is something I can only envy, and Steve, a sailor currently stationed in Japan, to whom I owe likewise praise.  Thank you both!  Then there's Glenn from Denmark, and Jarvis from Iron Man's House, who both gave me some great band recommendations you might get to hear about soon!  And finally I'd like to thank Kate from Canada, an "ultra-picky webcomic reader", who gave my comic the thumbs-up, making me blush redder than red-faced Kevin.  Another big thank you to everyone I heard from over the weekend, you guys are all awesome!

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