162: Stevie Ray Vaughan

Side effects may include being known as one of the greatest blues guitarists in history; horrific brain, stomache, and kidney damage; and sudden death by helicopter crash.

Sorry if this comic kept anyone waiting tonight.  I tried out a new image editing technique, and while it successfully made the lines clearer and cleaner, it also made all the imperfections show up BRIGHTER.  It ended up taking me twice as long to edit this comic as it normally would, making the whole thing not even worth the time.  But it made THIS comic look pretty good after all of it, so enjoy it for today!

Now I'd lke to tell you about a webcomic that one of my readers, The Æther Digi, introduced me to.  It's a comic called Pea Green Coffee Cup, written by the fabulous Jared Cullum.  I got the chance to correspond with Jared, an he's a fantastic, friendly person.  The comic is a great mix of humor and adorable love, to satisfy all of your comic/emotion cravings.  Check it out right here, and show him your love!  Next, for your music today is a band that I found while browsing YouTube the other day.  They are a great hard rock/heavy metal band called Black River.  A Polish band that got their start just in 2008, they have a great combo of kickass guitar riffs and heavy metal vocals that's sure to please every heavy metal fan.  Check out a YouTube playlist of their songs right here.  Oh, and Van Halen's new album came out today, stay tuned tomorrow for a full review!

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