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February 7, 2012
Pride And Joy
Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble
Texas Flood (1983)

Not only is this one of the most impressive blues rock songs of all time, it shows one of Double Trouble's most unique aspects.  The band is a power trio, meaning Stevie Ray is the only guitarist, AND does all the vocals.  This track, like most of their tracks, have NO OVERDUBBED GUITAR.  All of the guitar playing, guitar soloing, guitar riffing, is done by a single guitar in only one take.  How can a song sound so full, so complex, all from just a single guitar?!  Becasue it's Stevie Ray Vaughan playing that guitar, that's how.

Anyway, enjoy the song, which Vaughan wrote for his wife, Lenny.  He wrote several songs for her, but their marriage didn't last, and they ended up divorcing a few years before his death.  Which made me really sad to find out, because his song "Lenny" is one of the most beautiful guitar songs I've ever heard.

Oh, also:  I HATE Guitar Hero 2's version of this song.  The singing they did on that song is absolutely horrid compared to Stevie's, and it completely ruined an otherwise flawless piece of music.  Thank god they stopped doing cover versions of songs after GH2.


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