163: Broken Website

Holy fuck, everybody.  Something went wrong during one of our regular updates and the entire website went down for two days.  We were working endlessly to try and figure out how to fix it, and we finally managed to restore the site to the way it was before the incident.  I'm so sorry to anybody who tried to visit during that time, but it looks like we're finally back in business.  Whenever I wasn't on the phone with my web designer or tech support, I was keeping myself busy by drawing lots of robots from my favorite video game series.  Yay, robots!  I hope this counts as a little compensation for the inconvenience.

I promised you guys a review of Van Halen's new album, and I also want to make up the comics that I missed for the last two days.  So I'm going to get to all of that starting tomorrow.  The comics that should have been posted for Thursday and Friday night are now going to be posted on Saturday and Sunday.  And then I should be back to my "regular" daily schedule starting Monday evening.  As for today, I'm going to catch up on some much-needed rest after these last two stressful days.  Some of my readers even sent in emails showing their concern and their support, and I want you all to know that that really helped a lot during this experience.  Thank you guys for sticking through it with me.  I love you all, and I'm not going anywhere anytime soon.  <3

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