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February 12, 2012
She's The Woman
Van Halen
A Different Kind Of Truth (2012)

This song is a very good depiction of what the new album is like.  You can hear how skilled Eddie's guitar playing still is.  You can hear how David Lee Roth's voice is still mostly good, but how it cracks when he tries to sing high.  If you have big speakers, you can hear how absurdly heavy the bass levels are.  This particular song also has some of the best background vocals on the entire album, diehard fans would never be able to tell that it wasn't the old bassist Michael Anthony.  And the song sounds just like something you'd hear on Van Halen's first album.  Well, there's actually a reason for that last one.  This is a song that Van Halen wrote back in 1979, and never recorded.  They reworked it a little and included it on this album.  Some people, like ex-lead singer Sammy Hagar, think that this to be a cop out, like the band didn't even try to write new material.  But I, myself, am alright with it.  Most of the songs are new, and these old ones just add more of a classic feel to the album than it wold have had without them.  Plus, it's a really good song, so there's that.  Enjoy!

Van Halen's new album can be found on Amazon and iTunes, as both a physical CD or an MP3 download.


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