165: Friendly Fire

Did I say that this comic was going to be earlier?  You must have misheard me, what I meant to say is that this comic is going to be up just as late as the last one.  Yep, that's definitely what I said... heh heh... sigh...  I've got a combination of cool bands and cool people to introduce you guys to today.  So we'll start with the bands!  First up is an Australian band called BugGirl, a badass-lady-fronted band with some great classic 70's and 80's-sounding songs like "Blood, Sweat, & Beers."  We can thank Quike from Spain for first mentioning this band.  But that's not all Quike has given us!  Allow me to introduce to you At Vance, a power metal band that specializes in neo-classical songs.  They have even covered several famous classical compositions from Beethoven, Vivaldi, and others.  Check out one of their original songs right here.  Last up is a Brazilian rock band called Black Drawing Chalks, courtesy of their countryman Hugo.  These guys have a slightly-indie sounding style to them, as well as some great guitar riffs and rhythms.  Check out an awesome animated music video for their song "My Favorite Way".  Thanks to both Quike and Hugo for the amazing recommendations.

And as for other awesome people, I believe I could name a few right about now.  Like Jordan from South Africa, and Logan from Illinois, who are both so cool that I command you all to feel jealous of them IMMEDIATELY.  Then there's Shankar from India, and Rohan from, I'm going to say Gondor, both of whom gave me some more kickass recommendations, so they have my thanks.  And lastly I'd like to thank Joe from What The Fuck Ever.  Although his email was very short, it was very meaningful to me, and I'd like to thank him for it.  I'll see you guys all Monday evening when we're back to our regular schedule!

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