Song of the Day

February 13, 2012
White Limo
Foo Fighters
Wasting Light (2011)

The Grammy Awards were last night, and like most people who really care about music, I didn't watch it.  But I did know that the Foo Fighter had been nominated for several categories, and so I checked out the winners after it was over.  As expected, the Foo Fighters were a shoe-in (they were the obvious choice for winner) in all of their categories, winning Grammys for Best Rock Album, Best Traditional Rock Song, and Best Hard Rock/Metal Song.  And so today I present you the now-Grammy-award-winning song of theirs for Best Hard Rock Song, the track "White Limo".  I honestly don't care about the Grammys, but it is cool when a band that you like gets some recognition, so here's to the Foo Fighters and their success last night.


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