166: The Sword

Awwwyeahhh, get some, Cassie!  UH!  (yup, still a virgin...)  The term "doom metal" refers to a very slow, deep style of metal, similar to a few of Black Sabbath's early songs.  However, bands like The Sword are often mislabelled as doom metal simply because they sound like Black Sabbath, while what they really play is just hard rock/heavy metal.  But now:

BANDS AND STUFF!  HERE WE GO!  The first band on our list is a video game cover band known as The Minibosses.  While they are much more amateur-sounding than some other cover bands like Metroid Metal or CROW'SCLAW, they make up for it with a multitude of medleys that cover just about every song you want.  Here's a long-ass medley of theirs for Mega Man 2, going through the majority of the soundtrack during the ten-minute song.  Check them out here.  Thanks to Puffmann from the Magnificant White North of Canada!  Next, how many of you would like to hear a cover of Michael Jackson's "Smooth Criminal", played as a cello duet by two cute boys?  The answer is EVERYONE.  Shit, even I want to see that!  This is the Croatian duo known as 2Cellos, and their hit video for "Smooth Criminal".  This song courtesy of the Croatian Wonder, AKA Mravac Kid!  And the last video today comes straight from the newly established country of Dorkylvania, courtesy of its proudest resident, Zack!  This is an Australian comedy trio known as Axis of Awesome, and their hilarious bit entitled "Four Chord Song".  The video is self-explanatory, so watch and enjoy!  And speaking of Zack, that wayward son of ours has sent me many tales about his life over there in Dorkylvania, the local government, and the politics of the state.  It is an enthralling tale of power and deceit, betrayal and greed, and I would like to share it with you all.  And so, over the next few days, I will share with all of you: "The Tale of Zack, Son of Dorkylvania".  With basic story provided directly by Zack himself, and then incredibly embellished by yours truly.  Ahem...

"Dear Kevin, since we last spoke I have happily settled in Dorkylvania, a model and patriotic citizen.  As one of its few residents, I easily found a position within the central government of the Empire.  It was a low position, but with my reputation as an outspoken supporter of the government, and with the help of some "less-than-public" negotiations, I quickly began to rise through the ranks.  Soon I had made my way into the innermost circles, and after a few eloquent speeches, I found myself being appointed as the Personal Assistant to none other than His Liege, The Emperor of Dorkylvania himself.

But my thirst for power had not yet been quenched.  I had plans . . . plans that had yet to be put into motion . . . plans that would be realized very, very soon . . ."

Stay tuned for part two of Zack's story tomorrow!

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