Song of the Day

February 14, 2012
Maiden, Mother, And Crone
The Sword
Gods Of The Earth (2008)

One of the biggest hits from The Sword's second album "Gods of the Earth".  In songs like this, and their other big hit, Freya, you can really hear the similarities to Black Sabbath that so many people talk about.  The guitars are tuned down, similar to Tony Iommi's, giving the guitars a deeper, heavy sound.  The riffs are very similar in style, usually focusing on heavy metal power chords.  People are constantly claiming "OMG They're just like Black Sabbath!  They're just like Black Sabbath!"  over and over about this band.  And although it can get a little repetitive, it is actually quite true.  Their style, compositions, and sound are incredibly similar, closer than any other band I've heard who tried to do the same.  So to any Sabbath fans out there, these guys are actually a good choice.


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