167: Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd laser shows are awesome.  As anyone who's ever been to a Pink Floyd concert will tell you, the visual aspect of it adds so much to the experience.  I'm really happy with the way Stoner Guy came out in the last panel, too.  His hair is awesome.

Today I want to thank several people that I got to hear from, all who gave me wonderful information about music and what have you.  First I'd like to give a big shoutout to Ian from the country of Ian's house, who told me about the soundtrack for the video game Bastion.  Having never played the game myself, I would have easily missed the amazing songs from this game without Ian's help.  Take a listen to this breathtaking acoustic song called "Build That Wall".  This song is one of the most beautiful things I've ever heard.  It's just . . . god, it's just so powerful.  And because there are quite a few amazing tracks in this game, I have another one for you called "Spike That Rail".  This one is a great blend of acoustic instrumentation and electronic rhythm, tied together by a bluesy melody that is thoroughly enjoyable.  Thanks a whole bunch to Ian, I loved getting to listen to this soundtrack.  Another man noteworthy for his awesomeness is JJ from England, a fellow J-Rock fan and all-around good music lover!  And then there's Charles from Charlestown - wait, no, that actually sound like a real town.  The point is I have no fucking clue where he's from, but he's a cool dude, so love him.  Then all the way from "UP" in Canada is his lordship, Ben the Hippo!  An absolutely stalker-worthy man of excellent caliber, you should view him in your dreams if you want them to be kickass.  And finally I'd like to thank three people who gave me a multitude of musical knowledge from their magnificent brains.  Sjur from Norway, a hair-metal/power-metal fan who corrected a mistake I made about famous power-metal singer Kai Hansen.  Also Gabe from New York, and returning visitor Alex from England, who both gave me some much needed education about the genre of doom metal.  Because of them I have a newfound understanding of the genre, and so to all three of you, thank you.  And thanks to all the people who took the time to write in!  And now, as promised, I present to you the next thrilling installment of:

"The Tale of Zack, Son of Dorkylvania!"  Ahem . . .

"It is done. . . My ingenius scheme has finally come to fruition. . .

The Emperor is dead.

Killed in his sleep by my own hand.  I felt nothing but pride in my own cunning as I brought the dagger screaming down through his flesh, thrust after thrust, rending his soul from that hollow shell of a human body.  I didn't even try to make it look accidental.  I wanted them to know.  To know that I was the one who had done it, and to know that they had been powerless to stop it.  I wanted them to fear.  And fear they did.  The next day I announced proudly in front of the Grand Hall that The Emperor was dead.  I carried in my hand his still-bloody crown, clutching it conspicuously as I ascended my way to his - to MY throne.  Upon the steps I slowly turned, gazed at the looks of horror upon my consorts' faces, and emphatically placed my new crown over my head.  I didn't speak for the good of a minute, basking in the terrified silence resonating throughout the Hall.

'I am Emperor now,' I boomed.  'I am all that you know or will know, and I will accept no insubordination.  Should anyone wish to speak against this right, let his feeble voice be heard now.'

I waited.  There were no voices."

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