168: The GAS

Somehow I've managed to keep a fairly consistent midnight-upload time these last couple of days.  Which would be perfect, except it's technically been the NEXT day's midnight, making this week essentially a Tuesday-Saturday schedule.  Since I seem to have gotten a good TIME that works, drawing during the afternoon, and uploading around midnight, I'm just going to start next Monday's comic when I'm SUPPOSED to: on Sunday afternoon.  If this works out, I should be back to a correct Monday through Friday midnight-upload schedule starting next week!  Woohoo!  Can't wait for a little normalcy!  I know you guys have been thrown for a loop with all of my changing upload times, so it should be all fixed come Monday.

Now that that message is out of the way, time for MUZAK!  First is a pop/alternative rock artist by the name of Miles Kane.  This is a song of his called "Inhaler", which has an awesome, wacky, progressive-sounding riff.  Check it out here, and then thank Jorge from Spain once again for recommending him!  Next up is a kickass heavy metal song by the band Orange Goblin, who still aren't very well known, but have some amazing guitar work in their songs, like this one: "Ballad of Solomon Eagle."  Special thanks to fellow webcartoonist Jarvis McFarlane for this band.  Jarvis was also awesome enough to draw a guest comic for us, which I'm saving for a later day when I am unable to draw one.  Thanks a bunch, Jarvis!  And finally one last band for you guys.  This is a Danish rock band known as Dizzy Mizz Lizzy, whose songs are both awesome, and quite varied in style.  This is one of their most popular songs, the rock ballad "Silverflame", and then check out the recommended videos, as well!  They have some kickass rock songs.  I was lucky enough to learn about this band from Danish countryman Glenn, thank you dude!  That's all for today, stay tuned tomorrow for more music or Dorkylvania stories or comics or, something, who knows.

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