169: The GAS, Part II

I feel like the artwork of this strip didn't come out too well, but meh, fuck it.  As long as you can get the joke, that's good enough for me.  Now: bands, bands, bands, so many bands!  For your entertainment pleasure today, we have a multitude of musics for your hearing holes.  The first awesome ear-filling sensation for you is a British band called Outskirts of Infinity.  These guys have an amazing retro-sounding pschyadelic rock style, and somehow they manage to sound very similar to a lot of Jimi Hendrix's work.  I've never heard something this close to him before, I just wish they had more songs.  Check out a Hendrix-esque song of theirs right here.  I'd like to thank Elie from Lebanon for this recommendation.  Next on our list of brain-tingling tune-bringers is a song featured on another webcomic you may have heard of.  That webcomic is MS Paint Adventures, one of the most popular webcomics around right now.  Well, their current story "Homestuck" features a surprising amount of music, and the styles vary immensely, ranging from rock to electronica to easy-listening.  This is one of the rock songs that they have featured, called "Spider8reath", and it is freaking amazing.  The guitar work is so badass, it makes you want to go through the entire comic just to fucking find where the hell they used it.  The name "At the Price Of Oblivion" is the title of one of Homestuck's compilation albums, all of which can be found on their Bandcamp Page.  Thanks to Rohan from Lothlorien for mentioning Homestuck's music to me.  Last, but not least, we get to entoxicate our senses with a little hard rock by The Damned Things.  This is a supergroup comprised of members from the bands Anthrax, Fall Out Boy, and Everytime I die.  The mix of guitars from Anthrax, and singing from Everytime I Die gives this band a badass sound somewhere between pop, hardcore, and heavy metal.  I got to listen to their newly released album, Ironoclast, and it is all good.  Check out some of the songs from the album right here, and give thanks to Josh from Australia for letting us all know that this band exists.

And now, the third installment of our current story: "The Tale Zack, Son of Dorkylvaniaaaaaaa."  Here we go . . .

"Before a week had gone by, I had begun using my newly acquired power to shape the country of Dorkylvania as I saw fit.  Monuments of myself now adorned the streets, schoolchildren were taught to pledge allegiance to my supreme reign, and our military had nearly quadrupled in size.  That's right. . . we now had a standing army of well over twenty people.  But simply enriching the lives of the citizens had not been my only plan after becoming Emperor;  I had a thirst for expansion.  So little land under my control, so few people who knew my just reign, so few Dorks to call my subjects.  My army was now large enough for me to turn my sites upon other nations.  But I was no fool; as powerful my army might be, there was no chance of us overpowering a larger country (save for maybe Canada), and so I pointed to the smaller nations, instead.  That's right, I'm looking at you, Liechtenstein.  You have hid in the shadow of Switzerland's neutrality for far too long . . ."

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