170: The GAS, Part III

Teehee, I could keep this going forever.  I'm not gonna, though.  Most likely.  As I said a few days ago, I've been uploading all of these comics a day late, technically, but starting next week I should have that schedule totally fixed.  You can expect Monday's comic to be up sometime around midnight!  And now, before I get to some featured bands today, I have some unpleasant news for any Black Sabbath fans out there.  Several months ago, right after the reunion tour and album were announced, guitarist Tony Iommi was diagnosed with lymphoma, a type of cancer.  The band was unsure whether they'd be able to follow through with a reunion tour if Iommi was going to need to go into treatment, but they were positive and hoped they could do as many shows as possible.  Well, sadly, it was announced today that Tony Iommi will not be accompanying Black Sabbath on a reunion tour, and will instead only play a single show with them, at Donington Download Festival.  After that show, Ozzy and bassist Geezer Butler are going to continue touring, using such people as Zakk Wylde and Slash as stand-in guitarists.  The Tour will no longer be known as Black Sabbath, but instead be called "Ozzy & Friends".  (which might make some of you mad, but honestly, it's not Black Sabbath without Tony Iommi.)  In addition, it is unclear whether drummer Bill Ward will be on tour with the band, either.  He is hoping that there will be a signable contract between him and the other band members outlining their official reunion, but the others do not want a contract, so his position on the tour is unconfirmed.  I'll let you guys know more as I hear it.  As of now, it looks like the planned studio album that they were going to record is still going to happen.  My guess is that the band can easily plan a recording schedule that works around Tony Iommi's treatment.  Hopefully Iommi stays strong through this, and hopefully the band can still perform together as much as possible in the future.

Now, how about a little music to cheer everyone up?  Today we're having a Grand Old Greek day, featuring several bands recommended to me by Engineseer from Greece!  First up is a "stoner rock" band called Nightstalker.  Normally I don't like using the term "stoner rock", because the basis of the term just means "rock that sounds like old 70's hard rock and psychadelic rock", so why wouldn't I just say that instead?  But with these guys, damn, the name "stoner rock" just really REALLY applies.  I won't even need to explain why, just look and listen for yourselves.  They are pretty awesome.  Next up, another band from Greece.  This a southern rock band by the name of Planet of Zeus, and the video for their song "Leftovers".  While their guitar sounds like traditional bluesy southern rock, their vocals frequently change between southern drawls and hardcore screams.  It never sounds unnatural, however, so fans of either genre should find something to enjoy with these guys.  And last up is a band NOT from Greece,  but from England; a band known as 65daysofstatic.  The music that these guys play is something most commonly referred to as "post-rock".  Post-rock and post-metal are two genres that both incorporate some elements of rock and metal, as well as many progressive elements like ambient noises, keyboards, sound effects, etc.  This particular song of theirs, entitled "Radio Protector", is a very soft, relaxing-sounding piano instrumental, one that is guaranteed to put anyone's mind at ease.  It's not rock music, but it is definitely still good music.  I'd like to give a huge thanks to Engineseer from Greece, whose musical tastes differ greatly from my own, but who still managed to give me plenty of amazing recommendations.  See you all Monday!

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