171: Guest Comic by Jarvis McFarlane

Today I'm featuring a guest comic from fellow webcartoonist Jarvis McFarlane, author of the daily blog comic The Madventures of Jarvis.  Originally I told Jarvis that I would wait to post his comic until I couldn't do one myself, but after all the kindness and effort he put into making this and corresponding with me this last week, I just had to pay my proper respects to the man.  I also drew a guest comic for his site, as well, which you can check out right here.  But now, about the artist that Jarvis was talking about, the incredible Rory Gallagher!  This man was a blues legend on guitar, not only for his technical skill, but for his entertaining stage presence and songwriting, as well.  He unfortunately died in 1995, but he left behind some amazing performances and records.  Check out one of his live performances right here.  A great video, escpecially for the up-close-and-personal treatment of the crowd.  My favorite part is when him and the guy in the audience get really close at around 1:00.  I kept whispering, "c'mon... make out... just make out already..."

I'd also like to share another comic that one of my readers, Chloe, drew.  Inspired by comic #50 "Seduction Tactics", she took the concept even further, turning the gender tables on the whole situation.  We all know the exact same thing happens to girls all the time, so truer words have never been comicked as these ones.  Also, that guy's shirt is totally stupid and he's stupid.  Love this strip, thank you for the link, Chloe!  Next, there are a few people I need to give shoutouts to for all of their amazing letters this last week.  People like Maria from Germany, who has been given the always-sought title of "Master of Procrastination".  I am jealous, because I always wanted that to be MY title!  Curse you, Maria -  I mean, Master Maria.  Then there's Ed from Canada, who asked my opinion of Nickelback (I'll be saving that one for later).  And lastly, a few people who are from somewhere, and I don't know where it is!  Help me, I'm lost and confused!  I've never encountered this before, what do I do?  WHAT DO YOU MEAN "MAKE SOMETHING UP"?!  That's preposterous!  These gentlemen, namely Isaac, a kickass Offspring fan, Nick, a kickass band recommender, and Leon, a kickass funny-picture-sender, are clearly from the city of Neo Arcadia!  Which is a city from the Mega Man games as everyone in the whole world knows!  And before I say "see you guys tomorrow," I'll leave you with one more awesome band to check out, this one courtesy of Sjur from Norway.  This is band called Edguy, a German power metal band fronted by the incredible Tobias Sammet of Avantasia fame.  As Sammet's main band, these guys have a wide catalogue of amazing songs, all featuring the singer's incredible metal vocals.  Check them out in action right here!  And now, see you guys tomorrow!

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