172: Counting Beats

Trying to follow the measures in Dream Theater songs makes my brain meats hurt.  Though, honestly, I wouldn't want my progressive metal any other way.  Oh, and woohoo!  I wasn't too bad getting this one up on time!  Looks like my new schedule is working!  And some of you may notice a bunch of style changes to the website as well!  (the future people won't have, but they win anyway cuz they're from the FUTURE!!!)  New background and a little space-tightening between sections, and we'll be getting an even newer background very soon!  My site is gonna look so PRETTY!!!

And now for a little music, as you guys certainly deserve.  After all, you're the ones who told me about it!  These two bands come from all the way down under, from the land where dingos control society and there's a terrible shortage of babies, Australia!  The bands are both very awesome, two-man blues bands.  Having only two members, and having lower production value, gives both of them a great garage-band feel, which for the blues just adds a whole new emotional depth and power to the music.  First up is a band that I really really enjoy, known as The Fumes.  Listen to one of their awesome songs right here.  And because they are so cool, here's a music video for their song, "Rogue River Woman".  The next band is called The Blackwater Fever, who have an even grittier garage-band sound.  The style works perfectly for this genre, check out their song "Better Off Dead"  This public service message brought to you by Charles.  Just Charles.  Thank you Just Charles, for both of these bands, they're freaking awesomeful.

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