173: Velvet Revolver

Nobody really cares whether Velvet Revolver get back together or not.  Not even the band members.  I am super-stoked, though, for Slash's newest solo album, which will be released this May.  I ordered the special edition pack today for £17, or about $27, so if that doesn't stimulate the world economy than I think we're just about out of luck.  The new album features Slash's touring band from his latest tour, which includes the unbelievable Myles Kennedy on vocals.  Check out Slash's website for more details and tour dates.

And now how about a little more power metal?  Considering the number of readers I have from Europe, I'm guessing this will always be welcome!  So here's a well-known Finnish power metal band known as Sonata Arctica.  I can't say that there's anything completely original about their style, it's fairly standard power metal, but what I CAN say is that they are good at it.  Actually, now that I think about it, they do use a lot of clean piano as well as the usual synthesized keyboards, so that's original and really pretty.  Check out their song, "Paid In Full", which features both of these, and another song, called "Fullmoon".  Special thanks to Maria from Germany for finally getting me to listen to these guys!

And now for another installment of our current story of Nerddom and conquest, "The Tale Of Zack, Son of Dorkylvania":

"Liechtenstein . . .  I suppose you are safe for now. . .  Despite my initial intentions, it seems I must bide my time before pursuing your accumulation.  All in good time though.

I had expected that my citizens might feel apprehensive about our "annexation projects", but I had never expected that I might now be agreeing with them about it.  I owe this sudden change of outlook to my newest advisor.  A politician almost as cunning as myself, Thayet proved her value as a counsel right away, quickly earning a seat nearest me in the Grand Hall.  She reminded me that to attain the strongest army I could, I would need the undying devotion of all my citizens, something that my quick ascension to power had not helped me to harness.  She advised a meticulous approach, one of benevolence in the eyes of my people.  First to bolster the nation's tiny economy, and next to improve the freedoms and welfare of all Dorks therein.  More and more the citizens would devote themselves to me, becoming a stronger fighting force than ever thought possible.

I hated this idea.  Nonetheless, I agreed with it.  My adviser's words rang true and stung like scorpion's lash to my brain at the same time, that I had not been able to think of them myself.  This woman, Thayet . . .  She was smart, and for this reason more than any other, I did not trust her.  She seemed to have as fervent a passion for this nation as I, and a thirst for power nearly as insatiable.   She was not likely to be content with her secondary role for long, something I was well aware of.  But for now she has proven herself to be useful - useful enough for me to take that risk. . ."

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