174: Twilight

The titles of the other books on the table are AC/DC: Have A Drink, Ozzy And The Devil, and KISS: We Fucked EVERYBODY!  None of those are actual book titles, except for Sex, Drugs, & Rock 'n' Roll - there are bajillions of books with that title.  Layla has also apparently changed her hair color from dark to light.  Those kids, always dying their hair!  Finally, the comparison of Twilight in panel three was taken from an essay by Film Crit HULK, an incredibly intelligent film reviewer.  His essay on Twilight is one of the most insightful, revealing, and educated reviews I've ever read.  If you would like to read his thoughts on the Twilight series, and why it's so god awful, here's the article.  Keep in mind, the essay is incredibly thorough and incredibly long, so read it in parts or when you have an hour to kill.

And now it's time for some belated shoutouts!  Cuz if you hadn't noticed, that's something I do sometimes.  First up is Regis from England, who I've talked to before, but this time he had a special treat for me.  Regis made a parody strip of 3-Chord Dorks that he called 3-THOUSAND-Chord Dorks!  Check out his strip right here!  I tell ya, I don't know who that Kelvin guy is supposed to be, but he seems totally cool.  Thanks Regis!  And next up is something else comic-related.  I recently heard from John, the owner of a website called The People's Comics.  It's a site pertaining to comic book news, discussions, links to sites, and other comic-influenced potpourri.  Check out his site right here.  Next up is Ricky from WHO THE FUCK KNOWS?!, who just recently celebrated his 18th birthday.  Happy birthday, Ricky, it was great to hear from you!  And last, but not least, I'd like to thank Wendy from New Jersey, a big fan of Dream Theater and, dare I say, an all-around adorable person.  Big thanks to all of you guys, I hope we get to hear more from you all in the future!

And now I'll leave you guys with a few bands to check out.  First up is a band that you guys might remember from the Grammy Awards, if you watched it.  They are a country/folk band called The Civil Wars, who just had their debut breakthrough debut, and won several awards that night.  This is an amazing blues song by them called "Barton Hollow", which was first suggested to me by the Sultan, but I never listen to that guy.  Then HasJam from Pakistan recommended them, and I'm like "OMG a reader suggestion?  I'm totally interested!"  I've listened to all of their songs now, and while Barton Hollow is the only straight Blues song, they have a lot ofother good songs, too.  Most of them are very mellow, all acoustic, and slightly folky.  If you're a fan of old country music, as opposed to new country music, you'd probably enjoy these guys.  Finally I have a recommendation from Barcel from Poland, who's always had great suggestions for me.  This time he gives us a song from the Quake II soundtrack, a game that I'm sure quite a few of you have played.  Here's the song, "Quad Machine," a heavy metal wonder written for the game by Sonic Mayhem.  That's all for today, see you guys later!

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