175: Holy Diver

Ride the tiger!  You can see his stripes but you know he's clean!  Oh, don't you see what I MEEEEEEEAN!  Goddamn that's a song that gets stuck in your head so wonderfully.  This comic isn't funny at all, but I don't care!  Tuesday's Dream Theater comic was fun enough to last me a week!  I've been getting emails up the wahzoo from people who loved that strip, apparently Dream Theater has a lot of fans, who knew?  If you guys like the strip, be sure to share it with people using the buttons at the bottom of the page, that really helps to spread the word about the comic!  And I wanna be super-famous, so click on them, like, a BILLION TIMES.  Now...

Today I want to tell you guys about a heavy metal project that has been started recently to raise funds for cancer research.  It's known as the "Metal For Cancer Dragon Slayer All Star Project", or "MFC" for short, and it's a collaboration between many different famous metal guitarists and singers.  Check out this song that they recorded together, called "Let's Unite In Rock", which can be purchased from the link under the video.  Every purchase of the song helps fund the Australian Cancer Research Foundation.  I think this is a great cause, and if you were ever going to pay for music, this should be the time.  I'd like to thank Maria from Germany for sending me the link.  Also deserving of my undying devotion today are Daan from the Netherlands and Josh from Somewhere Over the Hallucinagenic Rainbow for their music suggestions and anecdotes.  Thank you to both of you guys, as well as all the returning emailers I've heard from.

And now I'll leave you all for the weekend with one last band, straight to you from my now-18-year-old reader named Ricky.  The band is called Heathen, a kickass American thrash metal band.  They live up to all the greats of thrash, and that's not just a bunch of hot air.  Check out their song "Dying Season," which is nothing but a face-melting fuck-ton of awesome.  Thanks a bunch, Ricky!  See everyone on Monday!

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