176: Classical Gas

If music were a language (it is), I'd be able to speak and understand it very well, but I would technically be illiterate.  I tried and failed to learn to read music, but luckily guitar is very easy to learn without it.  You know who else couldn't read sheet music?  Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan, anybody from the Beatles or Pink Floyd, basically the majority of all your favorite guitar players.  Most guitarists never learn, which causes some people who are trained in music theory to look down on guitar players.  The existence of guitar tabs and chord sheets have lessened the necessity to learn even further.  Nevertheless, most people still get along perfectly well without the skill.

The song Classical Gas is an amazing classical guitar piece by Mason Williams.  Eric Clapton is often given false credit for writing the song, because he composed the majority of the soundtrack that the song once appeared on.  And just to drive that point home, I'm going to say the exact same fucking thing on the MUSIC page today, in order to hammer it into your guys' heads.  But if it HAS already been successfully hammered, I guess you guys deserve a band or two!  His Lord Emperor Zack recently sent me a SLEW of great new recommendations, too many to even get through in one day!  So today will be part one of Emperor Zack's recs, and tomorrow I'll finish part two, and even throw in a little more Zack story, as well!  First up is an amazing Swedish metal band known as Falconer.  Kickass name, kickass logo, kickass guitar sound and vocals, they really are fucking awesome.  The closest thing I could call them would be power metal, but their guitars are somewhat unique to the genre.  Check out their song "Mindtraveller" here.  The next band is a "Super-duo" group, a team-up between two famous metal vocalists, Russell Allen of Symphony X and Jørn Lande of Masterplan.  The group is consequently called "Allen-Lande".  Both singers have incredible voices, and their songs are very beautiful and ballady metal, check them out here.  We'll hear some more bands from Zack tomorrow, so I'll end this today with a few much-deserved thank yous.  Sam the Sideburnman from Vietnam, originally from England, sent me some kickass new recs, so I'd like to give a big shoutout to him.  Thank you Sam!  And Trixie from Australia, as well, another fan of AC/DC, which means she must have good taste in music!  Also from Australia is a girl that I owe BIG TIME for introducing me to one of my new favorite bands, which you will hear about later.  That girl is Zero, whose name I have declared to be based on the Mega Man X character, because that's badass.  I don't care what she says, that is totally now the real reason.  Thank you, all three of you, for taking the time to write in and tell me about all your bands.  And lastly, a very special shoutout to one of my longtime readers, David from 15-emails-and-he-still-hasn't-told-me, who just turned 15 years old yesterday.  The reason I'm telling you all this is because he told me to.  (self-gratifying little punk...)  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAVID!  Thank you for all of your continued support!  See everyone tomorrow!

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