179: Muscles

Whenever I reference a video game in these comics, I always think to myself, "My dad is totally not going to understand this."  And then I usually follow that with, "Don't care.  This is awesome anyway."  Luckily this strip is understandable even if you don't know who the characters are, so you get off easy this time, Dad.  But now it's pretty late, so I will leave you all with a few bands for your listening pleasure, and then I'm heading out of here!

These first two bands come to us all the way from Vietnam, recommended to me by an Englishman living there named Sideburnman Sam!  The first band is called Black Infinity, a great metal band that focus mostly on riffs and screams from death metal, but frequently features strings and melodic instrumentation, as well.  Here's a great Vietnamese-influenced song by them, called "The Secret".  The next band we have is known as UnlimiteD, who play styles similar to power metal and symphonic metal, and do frequent shows accompanied by a live orchestra.  Here's my favorite video of them with an orchestra, performing an insane metal version of "Phantom of the Opera."  Thanks Sam, for both of the recommendations!  And the last band for today is a lesser-known 80's band called Mammoth.  That name becomes quite funny after watching this video for their song "Fat Man."  Apparently all the venues the band played at had to reinforce their stages due to the combined weights of the band members. :)  This band comes to us from JJ from England, thank you JJ!  Alright, I don't feel like typing anymore, so that'll be it for tonight!  See you guys later!

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