180: Sexy

It's Friday, so I'm giving you guys a veritable smörgåsbord of music and fun clicky things!  Like OMG FANART by Alice from Sweden!  Alice followed up her happy picture of herself ("AWESOME!") with this fan drawing of Cassie <3!  I love this drawing, Alice, thank you so much on behalf of all the Cassie fans out there!  And the next cool thing for everyone is a Dream Theater-related video sent to me by Andrew from Wherever-the-fuck.  In regards to last week's DT comic, Andrew sent me a video of drummer Mike Portnoy counting off all of the changing beats in their song "The Dance Of Eternity".  The sheer number of time changes that this drum god has to play is mind-melting, and this is just from ONE SECTION of the entire song.  Watch it and feel your head exlode.  Thanks Andrew!  And now for a few bands and artists!  First up is another well-known metal band from Finland, called Lordi.  These guys play awesome power metal, but they have a very unique twist:  the band members all dress up like monsters.  The costumes and the heavy use of stage effects like pyrotechnics make this band an amazing visual performance, as well as entertaining musicians.  The best way for me to describe them is this: imagine that a bunch of Uruk-hai gave Saruman the middle finger and told him "Fuck you.  We're starting a metal band."  So, basically, they're awesome.  Here's a video of them opening up the Eurovision Song Contest in 2007 with their badass hit, "Hard Rock Hallelujah."  Fittingly, this band was first introduced to me by a man named Rohan.  I couldn't have made that up if I tried.  The next band is a light rock/ballad band from the UK called Elbow.  The songs that these guys play are both beautiful and relaxing and badass at the same time, they're one of the prettiest bands I've ever heard.  And since I love their songs so much, I'm going to show you guys THREE different videos from them!  The first is the music video for their song "One Day Like This."  The simplicity of the sign-spinner footage complements the music in an almost poetic way, it's absolutely beautiful.  Next is another peaceful song called "Lippy Kids".  I love videos that just show bands recording the songs in studio, and the intimate soundtrack makes you feel like you're right in the room with them.  And the last Elbow video is from one of their live performances featuring the BBC Concert Orchestra.  An incredibly powerful blues song called "Grounds For Divorce."  A big thank you to Eric from New Jersey for telling me about this band.  And the very last thing I have for you all is a video game cover artist.  Her name is Malukah, and she makes beautiful acoustic covers of Skyrim songs.  (So much beautiful today!)  Check out her insanely popular cover of "The Dragonborn Comes".  The first person to tell me about her was Lunch from Mississippi, so thank you Lunch!  But Ian from Someplace also deserves special mention for the line he used when he recommended her to me.  "Ever wonder if you could get an erection from Skyrim music?  Well wonder no more."  To which I replied: "First of all, sir, I ALWAYS have an erection while listening to Skyrim music.  But yes, Malukah is fucking awesome."

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