181: Shorts

It has come to my attention that some people have been encountering problems when trying to bookmark this website.  This was because the website didn't have any homepage URL without all of that "node/441" crap in it.  Well I am pleased to announce that this has now been fixed, and we now have an appropriate homepage of simply "www.3chorddorks.com".  This should fix any bookmarking issues that you guys might be experiencing, so hooray for that!  Sorry for anyone who was inconvenienced by this before now!

Now, because of that inconvenience, I feel obligated to share some music with you guys!  Oh, stop, it's my pleasure!  To start off today, we're going a little bluegrassy, with an old 80's band called Southern Culture On The Skids (or SCOTS!).  These guys never reached a wide audience, but they've kept performing for their fans for the last three decades, just because they have so much fun doing it!  Here's a great rockabilly tune by them called "Soul City."  Special thanks to Alex from "What the heck's a 'country'?"  And the other band I have for you all is the English metal band called Bal-Sagoth.  These guys are considered "symphonic black metal", as they incorporate styles from each genre.  This band's music revolves around mythological concepts and stories that the band have written themselves.  Entire mythologies and universes have been created by this band specifically for their music, and it is so indepth that they are even making a comic book about it all.  That's pretty devoted, I gotta admit.  Here's one of their most popular songs, entitled "Callisto Rising."  The vocals in all their songs are very similar to this one, where they switch between a deep, spoken narrative, and hardcore screams.  I'd like to thank Daan from the Netherlands for telling me about this band.  Thanks Daan!  Alright, before I go, there are people that you all must learn to worship.  And if you don't worship these people then you're dumb.  The first is Cave from Hong Kong, a big fan of the Clash and also, thanks to me, Retro Remix Revue!  OMG someone found a new band cuz of me!  I'm fucking awesome!!!  The next person is Jess from Australia, a girl who literally "teethed on Queen, AC/DC, and Zeppelin"!  If that doesn;t make someone grow up to be awesome, then I don't know what would!  Well she sure is, so a big special thanks to both of you guys, and to everyone else, see you all tomorrow with a new comic!

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