182: Gym

"Did that guy just yell 'sexy'?  How much was he lifting?"     "Like, almost 20 kilograms."     "Damn, that is sexy."     Are you happy, everyone in the whole fucking world besides America?  I used the goddamn metric system for you assholes.  (I hate you all.)  And for the Americans, that's about 45 pounds.  Which is like, the weight of a thousand suns.  Also, that mantra in the first panel is legitimately what I think to myself at the gym.  I'll be damned if it doesn't help motivate a person.  Now that I have successfully established that Kevin has started going to the gym, I think tomorrow we will return to music comics.  Did you know that this is actually a webcomic about music?  I know, weird, right?!

And now I think it's time for a little PUNK ROCK, F#@% YEAH!  Here's a punk rock band from 1980's Australia that failed to reach any large international audiences, but were deemed "Australia's most successful independent band", so they gotta be good, right?  Hell yes!  They are awesome!  Here's a video of their 1987 hit, "All Set To Go."  A big thanks to Mij from Australia for revealing this little hidden gem to me, because I definitely would have missed these guys otherwise!  Thanks, Mij!  And next up is a video that is truly amazing, featuring famous French singer/person-who-does-imitations, Michael Gregorio.  You know how beatboxers can make drum beats using only their voices?  Well this guy does the same thing, but for electric guitar.  Check him out wailing (<double entendre!) to the song "Parisienne Walkways" by Gary Moore.  The person responsible for this little treat was JJ from England, thanks again, JJ!  And of course there are several other people equally deserving of my undying gratitude today.  One of those people is Atrox from Mexico, who has started to translate some of my comics into Spanish on his blog!  One of the downfalls of hand-writing my dialog is that I can't have multiple translations available on my site.  But now thanks to Atrox, some of the strips will be made available in Spanish, which is much appreciated!  Thank you Atrox!  And the other person I'd like to spread my thanks to is Taylan from Turkey (now writing from Japan), who read my entire archive in one night, (I do that for other comics, too) and shares my fandom for many kickass metal bands like Nightwish and Slipknot.  For all the kind words and recommendations, thank you Taylan, and everyone else I heard from yesterday!  I love you all!  No, wait, I said above that I hate you all.  I hate you all!  Everyone go fuck yourselves! <3 <3 <3

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