Song of the Day

March 6, 2012
Through The Fire And Flames
Inhuman Rampage (2006)

What do I listen to at the gym?  I listen to this.  I finish the workout in exactly 7 minutes and 21 seconds.  This song is DragonForce's most famous, and is the bane of every Guitar Hero player's career.  I know I said that same thing about Eric Johnson yesterday, but his shit ain't got nothin' on Through The Fire And Flames.  Fun fact about this song: during the recording of it, guitarist Herman Li was playing so frantically that he broke one of his guitar strings.  The part that's even more awesome?  He kept going and finished the song, and it was still so good that it was used as the final recording you're listening to.  Holy shit that's badass.  This song also has a kickass music video, and if you aren't one of the 45 million who have watched it already, I suggest you do so right now!  The music video and the single version of this song are two minutes shorter than the original, having removed several sections of guitar soloing.  On one of DragonForce's tours, faulty equipment caused a really bad performance of this song, and it made some people suspect that DragonForce had sped up the recording of the song in the studio.  But this has since been proven false, and DragonForce has been playing the song at full speed at all their shows.


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