183: Regimen

Did I say today was going to be a music comic?  No, you probably must have imagined that, I would never say such a thing!  The original plan was to do a music comic, but I felt the need to wrap up this little part of the story with another strip.  You guys must be devastated by this all, it's ok, we'll get through this together.  And you know what helps?  Fucking MUSIC.  This first band is well known from being featured in the Free Hugs Campaign video on Youtube.  They are the band that plays the song in the background, an Australian pop rock band called Sick Puppies.  The song in the video is their track, "All The Same," and the video itself is inspiring, if you haven't already seen it.  Sick Puppies' most successful songs are pop rock ballads such as this one, but they actually have plenty of harder songs, as well.  To show this, here's a great rock song by them called "Cancer".  The next band is a Canadian hardcore band (more pop/hardcore, actually) known as Alexisonfire.  Screaming hardcore vocals can often grind my gears when they're not top-notch, but luckily for me, the vocalist for this band has a great voice, both screaming and singing.  Listen to their song, "This Could Be Anywhere In The World."  Both of these bands come to us from Chase from Mississippi, who send his love out to us all!  Thanks a bunch, Chase!  And some big, big thanks to Jake from California, a long-time classical/jazz fan who has just started getting into hard rock and heavy metal.  And whose mother is getting into it as well!  Is that an awesome family or what?  And also to Parikhsheet from India, who told me that my comic totally beat out another one for his attention the other day!  I won!  I'm awesome!  YAY!  Thanks Parikh!  See you all tomorrow!

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