184: Nirvana

EDIT:  This is a re-edited version of my original post.  The original one contained information that I later did not agree with, so I went back and changed it.

As many of you have probably seen by now, there is a hugely popular viral video going around about the Ugandan warlord, Joseph Kony.  The video has gained over 10 million views in just a few days, and it is being met with enthusiasm and devotion by a huge number of people.  The video brings attention to the crimes against humaity committed by Joseph Kony, who kidnaps children and forces them to serve in his personal army.  The organization that created the video, Invisible Children, hopes to bring Kony's misdeeds to everyone's attention, so that the American government will continue to support the Ugandan national army in bringing Kony down.  If you would like to watch the video, you can do so right here.

Unfortunately, this video has also sparked massive controversy.  The organization Invisible Children has been shown to spend very little of their non-profit donations on actual charity, while most of it goes to creating more awareness videos and paying personal salaries.  In addition to that, the methods they use for stopping Kony are viewed as flawed by many analysts, and harmful to the Ugandan people by others.  Many Ugandans have been outraged by the video and the subsequent marketing plan for it, regarding them both as offensive or misinformed.  I won't go too into detail about the critiques of the organization, suffice to say that most people view it as "one possible solution, but not a very good one."  You can read one of the many critiques of the Kony 2012 project here.

I will leave you all with this, and we will get back to music recommendations on another day.  As for tomorrow, I have something very special planned that I'm sure some of you will enjoy.  See you then!

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