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March 8, 2012
Nevermind (1991)

One of my favorites from Nirvana's biggest album, Nevermind.  This was Nirvana's breakthrough record, which helped boost the popularity of Alternative Rock and Grunge to an unprecedented level.  Before this album, Alt rock was just a small, underground movement.  But after the album, it became one of the most popular genres of music in the world.  Record companies were signing alt rock bands left and right, hoping to find the next Nirvana.  This album remains Nirvana's most successful, and an iconic record for 90's grunge.

Nevermind is their second album.  Their first, Bleach, is really not that good.  It was innovative as an early grunge record, but the recording quality was low, and Kurt Cobain hadn't come into his own as an amazing songwriter yet.  But I think the main reason why the first album is worse is that they didn't have Dave Grohl as their drummer yet.  The drums on Bleach honestly range from mediocre to bad, actually detracting from the songs at certain points.  Luckily, the band hired Dave Grohl as their new drummer before this album, and as bassist Krist Novoselic said, "We knew instantly that he was the right guy.  He was what Nirvana needed."  As always, Dave Grohl was awesome on Nevermind, and their next album too, called In Utero.  The band really became a trio of extraordinary musicians at that point.


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