187: Stonefield

Stonefield is a band made up of four sisters, and they really do sound fscking awesome.  You can watch the video for their biggest hit single, "Through The Clover" right here.  They've released one EP and one single so far, but unfortunately neither are available for purchase in America.  Hopefully they will be available internationally soon, because I would love to show my support for the band.  One of you should totally help me get into contact with these girls so that I can flirt with them, I mean, talk to them about international releases, and stuff.

And now I've got a multitude of awesomey things for you guys today!  A plethora of kickassery, if you will!  First, I'd like to show off a couple of fantastic fan arts I've received.  The first is from Alice from Sweden, who drew this amazing portrait of Cassie.  Alice has drawn us several pictures in the past, and it seems like they just keep getting better and better!  Thank you Alice!  And the next fan art is something very special, because I got to ask for it myself.  You might remember Sarah from Washington, who drew us Anime Kevin a while back.  As it happens, she is also an expert at drawing My Little Ponies, so I asked her if she could create a Rocker-Chick Pony for us!  Well, Sarah created a pony more awesome than I had ever imagined, which you can all see right here.  I love everything about her; the hair, the music note necklace, the CD mark, Sarah even gave her piercings, she really went above and beyond!  Thanks so much for this, Sarah!  And I'd like to thank some of the people I heard from over the weekend, as well.  Those people include Maurice and Johannes, both from Germany, who wrote to me about the Justin Bieber essay, and whom I was lucky to hear from.  And then there was Seth and Robert, both from the mythical island of Lemuria, who gave me some amazing music recommendations I'm going to enjoy sharing with you guys.  So a big thanks to all four of you, I mean it.

And now, of course, for a few more bands!  Everyone loves Dream Theater, it's true, but many people still don't know that the members from Dream Theater had a side project called Liquid Tension Experiment.  Started by drummer Mike Portnoy, and featuring bandmates John Petrucci and Jordan Rudess, LTE plays a very similar style of progressive metal as Dream Theater, but they are also known for doing long improvised jam sessions, as well.  Since Mike Portnoy is no longer in Dream Theater, LTE is kaput, but they did give us a lot of amazing songs, like this one: "Universal Mind."  When Gøran from Norway first told me about this band (Thanks, Gøran!), i was like, "You mean to tell me that there was a SECOND DREAM THEATER this entire time, and I had no idea about it?!"  Which is the correct reaction, of course.  And then one more band for you guys, this one I've heard about from several people.  They are a group called Northern Kings, a supergroup comprised of four well-reknowned metal singers, from the bands Teräsbetoni, Nightwish, Sonata Arctica, and Charon.  These guys don't write original music, though - what they actually do is record metal versions of old rock and pop songs.  They've covered everyone from Tina Turner to Radiohead, and even tried their hand at the song "Don't Stop Believin'."  If you love metal covers, you'll love these guys.  That's all for today, see you tomorrow!

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