188: Stonefield II

Whoever can find these girls on Facebook or Twitter and send them a link to this comic will be my favorite reader in the entire world.  Somebody get on that.  I forgot to mention yesterday that this band was first introduced to me by Zero from Australia, so I'd like to thank her for that!  And here's another video of this band, just in case you missed the last one.

And I've got three more bands for you guys today, as well!  First up on our list comes to us from Ele from Spain, it's an amazing J-rock band called Lunetia.  All of the members of this band are known for their talents as individual musicians, and they come together to form an excellent group.  Listen to my favorite song of theirs, called "Maerd" (that's "Dream" backwards).  And following in the same J-rock theme is another band called Maximum The Hormone.  This band switches back and forth between super-hardcore and light j-pop in a lot of their songs, making them feel like the best bipolar mental breakdown you've ever had.  Here's a song of theirs that does the same thing: "Koi No Mega Lover."  Big thanks to Taylan from Turkey/Now Japan for mentioning these guys!  And the last band is brought to us by Isaac from Screw You, It's A Secret.  This is a British band called Enter Shikari, who are known for their combination of hardcore and electronic sounds.  Like many other genres that use electronic sounds, these guys are designated as "post-hardcore."  Here's one of their songs that I really like, called "Destabilise."  Hope you guys enjoy these bands, and thanks to all the people who gave their recommendations!  Stay tuned for more tomorrow!

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