189: Google

You'll actually find "is gay" in at least 99% of all searches.  But if you search for Freddie Mercury, then it's just funny.

So guess what, you guys?  Today I got an email from the girls in Stonefield, telling me they enjoyed the comics about them!  When I asked you guys to contact them, I was expecting maybe one or two people to do so - but no, they were receiving messages about it all throughout the day!  You guys are too awesome.  In my reply, I nerded out about my fandom and asked them about possible future release plans, so hopefully we'll get to hear from them again!  That would make me a very happy Kevin.  I'd like to thank all the people who messaged these girls about the comic, who probably felt shell-shocked by the end of the day (oops).  :)

Want to hear some more 60's-style rock you guys?  Alright then!  Here's an old guitarist by the name of Roky Erickson, who began playing in the mid 60's, and was one of the many pioneers Psychedelic rock.  He's also had a serious history of mental illness, spending several years institutionalized for erratic behavior.  But, he's still around and still recording albums, although he remains fairly unknown.  Here's one of his most popular songs, a 1981 release called "Two Headed Dog."  Thanking for this artist shall be made to Elie from Lebanon!  And I shall make such thanks now!  THANKS ELIE!  Next up, coming to us from Australia again, is a melodic death metal band called Be'lakor.  They're a fairly new band, but they've already opened up for Turisas and Alestorm, and they have an amazing death metal sound.  Their vocalist has one of the deepest death growls I've ever heard, and the melodic guitar work is equally impressive.  Here's their song, "Aspect," for you.  Great find, Parikh, thank you!  You know, I haven't done a Zack story in a little while . . .  I think I'll continue the story some more tomorrow!

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