190: Dethklok

Hey, check it out, Arya's beard can magically disappear and reappear!  Cool, huh?  I never even knew that about him!  As many of you will recall from our Top 10 Greatest Fictional Bands list, Dethklok is a band from the TV Show Metalocalypse, created by Brendon Small, who not only plays all the music, but also voices most of the characters.  Brendon Small goes on tours playing Dethklok's music, and the show is currently about to begin its fourth season.

And now I get the chance to thank a butt-load of people, and give you guys some listening pleasure for your earholes!  First I'd like to give a big shoutout to Jan from Belgium, who not only rightfully rambled about rock and roll repeatedly and respectably, he also sent me this AWESOME metal cover of Bowser's Castle from Super Mario Bros!  This is one badass game cover, thanks a million, Jan!  And then equally badass are these three folks: Dakota from North Carolina, Jacob from Britain, and Steph from Australia!  These guys sent me plenty of particularly practical prose to peruse, and a plethora or pleasing music!  Thank you, you three!  And finally to the individuals who let me know that they helped spread the word about Stonefield, including Jeanne from Missouri (hopefully that's where she's from), Darrin (who is imaginary, since he doesn't exist anywhere), Per-Anders from Norway, Josh from I'm-Also-Imaginary!, Ele from Spain, and Andrew from a secret internet bunker somewhere.  A big thanks to every one of you for eagerly, enthusiastically, and emphatically enlightening me of every existing expression of entertainment I encountered!  And now, how about we hear a little more from "The Tale of Zack, Son of Dorkylvania!"  As you guys might have been able to tell from the recent episodes, Zack is no longer alone in helping me write this story.  We now have a second writer and a second perspective, and I've gotten to weave both of their stories together!  So today, let us hear from both of their sides, shall we?  Let us begin...

The Tale of Zack:
"Improvements have indeed continued to be made ever since Thayet found her place by my side.  She has been adamant about raising the standard of living for my subjects, a course of action I have hesitantly agreed with, thus far.  Taxes have been lowered slightly, communications with larger nations regarding trade agreements are about to be opened, and several of my more prominent statues have been demolished in order to use the masonry for homebuilding.  That last one I was the most tentative about.  Those statues are a symbol of my divine rule, and they remind the citizens who they have to thank for their now happy little lives.  I agreed to demolish all statues except one - my beauty, the glorious incarnation of my visage that rests in the center of the town plaza.  I will not have that statue removed so long as I live.

All of these changes have made the citizens happier, indeed, but as Thayet has convinced me, happiness does not complacency imply.  My citizens shall be more devoted to me and our nation than ever before, and we shall use our new resources to conquer more lands.  But she's a clever one, that girl, this Thayet, and I can't help but fear that she is even now playing me like a well-tuned fiddle.  Were she to present me with nonsense in place of sound advice, I would excommunicate her tomorrow.  But so far, she has been working to my favor.  I shall keep one eye on her at all times, lest I find her intentions do not match my own..."

And now, The Tale of Thayet:
"Everything has been going swimmingly.  In fact, it's all been far easier than I had anticipated; perhaps Zack is not the mastermind I once feared.  Thus far, he has agreed unquestioningly with my advice to build up our nation, and he seems to truly believe that I have only his best intentions at heart.  Silly man, your political sharpness is overshadowed only by your insane arrogance.

Up to this point, all of my goals have been realized: the citizens are living better, the nation will see an increase in trade resources, and those hideous statues have finally been removed.  All except for one.  That monstrosity torments me still to this very day, that grotesque visage looming above me from the center of the town plaza.  That statue that singlehandedly fanned my flames of unrest and spurned my political ascension.  It still remains there, mocking me and my progress.  But my progress does not falter.  I will see that monument fall, I will see the rule of this man upended, and I will see this nation finally rise to it's fullest potential."

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