Song of the Day

March 18, 2012
Salty Dog
Flogging Molly
Swagger (2000)

So I totally forgot that yesterday was St. Patrick's Day - or I should say, I forgot the day before.  I should have uploaded something for it last night, but I didn't plan ahead, so I came home after celebrating to upload a song, only to realize I was a day late. :)  Luckily, this is the perfect holiday to blame it on alcohol!  Hooray, alcohol!

So for our official day-late St. Patrick's Day, we get a little of the great Flogging Molly, the world's most successful celtic-punk band (from California).  And our song today is the pirate-inspired jig Salty Dog!  If Flogging Molly doesn't get people into the mood to drink and drink and fight, nothing will.


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