192: High-Protein

Panel 4: the funny side effects to a high protein diet that nobody ever tells you about.  Now, enough about freaking meat!  Gimme some freaking metal!  Well, OK, how about this band, Dark Moor?  They're a Spanish power metal band that uses frequent symphonic elements, as well, and have even covered some pieces from classical composers and operas.  Here's one of their songs, entitled "Maid Of Orleans."  I was told about this band by Robert from My imagination (he's a wizard in there!).  Up next are two bands that come from Chase from Mississippi, and with these two we're going gradually more pop!  The first is a band called I Am Abomination, whose music combines hard rock guitars with pop-rock vocals, for a good hard-pop mix.  Their single "Hangin' On" is a good example of this.  And the next band is truly a pop-rock band in every sense of the word.  This is the band FM Static, which is a side project of the more well-known band Thousand Foot Krutch.  Check out this great pop-rock song called "Definitely Maybe," and what the hell, here's a little Thousand Foot Krutch for you guys, too.  A big nerdy thank you to both Robert and Chase for these bands and their emails!  And what would some shoutouts be without saying thank you to George from Canada, as well?!  They would be NOTHING, that's what!  Or without saying thank you to Adrian from Also-Probably-A-Wizard, who sent me a whopping 14 band recommendations in a single email!  Seriously, these shoutouts would be nothing without him (or at least would be worth 14 bands less).  And they certainly would not be complete without thanking Michael from Seriously-None-of-these-guys-Live-Anywhere, who discussed the lyrics to "Smells Like Teen Spirit."  A collective thanks to all of these auspicious gentlemen emailers, from whom I hope to hear again!  As for the rest of you:  Tomorrow!  We reconvene then, and no later!

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