193: Pantera

Pantera is so embarrassed about their unsuccessful hair metal phase that they don't include their first four albums as a part of their official discography.  In nerd-speak, that's like saying their first four albums aren't canon. :)  On their website, they never even mention that those albums exist.

God, I've been staying up way too late drawing comics this week, I feel like I'm already slightly delusional while I'm writing this.  Nothing the voices in my head can't soothe me out of though (one of them's a pirate!).  But, delusional or not, I'll always be in the mood for some kickass music, and I'm sure you all feel the same!  Our first band is a Swedish 70's-style rock band called Graveyard, and their single "Hisingen Blues".  The guitar tone is really classic in this song, and the singer's voice is one of those perfectly 70's-sounding falsetto rock voices.  This recommendation comes from Per-Anders from Norway, thank you so much!  Next up is an ACTUAL 70's rock band, the Canadian band Prism.  While the band never achieved a lot of mainstream success, their drummer went on to become a successful songwriter for bands like Aerosmith and KISS.  Here's a great song of theirs called "Spaceship Superstar", which utilizes that great mix of synthesizers and guitars that 70's bands did so well.  This here band be courtesy of George from Canada!  And as he would say in his native Canadian tongue:  Gracias, George!  And just for shits and giggles, here's a video that cracks me up every time I see it.  Enjoy!

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