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March 21, 2012
Mouth For War
Vulgar Display Of Power (1992)

Here's a good extreme song from Pantera's most successful album, Vulgar Display Of Power.  This was their sixth album, but according to official canon, it's only their second (teehee).  After the band transitioned from hair metal into actual metal, their style remained very similar to this for the rest of their career.  Singer Phil Anselmo's vocals give the songs a hardcore metal feel (or "metalcore" as the mix of the genres is called), and Dimebag Darrell's guitar playing really shines through during the solo.

Those ear-splitting high pitched guitar notes that Dimebag plays during the verses are an incredibly unique aspect of this song, since not many guitar players choose to hit out those kinds of dissonant harmonics (weird sounds).  They are very shrill and unpleasant-sounding, and for some reason I love them because of it.  It just adds to the intense feeling of anger and amped-up aggression that the music already thrives on.


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