194: Black Country Communion

Keytars are surprisingly fun to draw.  In every review and promotion I've read about Black Country Communion, the person writing always seems to have the hugest boner for those main three members of the band, and then they're just like "Oh yeah, and I guess Derek Sherinian is in the band, also.  So, you know, that's cool too."  Derek Sherinian gets totally undersold as a keyboardist; the guy was in Dream Theater for a while and has pretty good solo material that no one has ever heard.  All anybody ever really says about him in promotional material is: "He's totally worked with some of the biggest names in rock!  He isn't one of them, but he's worked with a bunch!"

Today I'm going for another all-Zack day of recommendations!  That guy gives me so many as it is, I could probably do a goddamn week of just him, but I shall minimize it to a single day for now!  His first recommendation is a famous American bassist by the name of Billy Sheehan.  He has worked with people like David Lee Roth, and is known as one of the best technical bass players ever.  You heard me, he's a technical bass player - fingertapping, harmonics, crazy fast fretwork, this guy is a technical master.  Check out a long, fast, freaking awesome solo of his in this video.  Next up is an American progressive metal band called Redemption.  Fans of Dream Theater will definitely enjoy these guys, they even opened for them on one of their tours!  Here's their song "Leviathan Rising," which features the incredible awkward riffs and amazing solos that we all love from prog metal.  And the next band is a grunge/pop-rock band called Deepfield, and their grunge/pop-rock song "Into The Flood."  Many of Deepfield's songs feature a similar verse/chorus structure as this, where there's very soft guitar during the verses (or none at all) and then it comes back loud for the chorus.  A very standard dynamic in alternative and grunge, and they do it well.  And the last band is yet another American rock band (all of these have been), this time a rock and roll band known as Buckcherry.  These guys have earned a bit of success already, and they have a lot of songs that I really like.  Like this one: "Crazy Bitch."  This video is probably not the safest one for work, but the guitar work and the singer's voice are both unique and fucking awesome.  A big thanks to our Lord Emperor Zack of Dorkylvania!  See you all tomorrow!

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