195: False Metal

This comic is totally culturally innaccurate... America should be, like, at least 200 kilos.  Everything else is totally cool.  Doing this strip totally reminded me of Scandinavia And The World,  so I'll just consider this my own little tribute to another awesome webcomic.  In the USA, traditional metal genres like thrash metal and speed metal have gradually given way to genres with more extreme vocals, like hardcore and alternative metal.  I'm a fan of these genres, but they definitely tend to emphasize the vocals over the guitars, which have always been my favorite part of metal music.  Almost no new American bands play thrash or speed or power metal, meaning we have seen a significant decrease in the importance of guitars over the last decade.  Meanwhile in Europe, and especially in Scandinavia, genres that focus mainly on guitar paying, like power metal, speed, folk, black, and death metal are more popular than ever.  And the image associated with metal is entrirely different as well; European artists are still viewed as Metal Gods, while American bands tend to play the roles of social outcasts, or rebellious rejects, more similar to punk rock bands.

I got the idea for this strip after reading a comic sent to me by Alice from Sweden.  The comic is hilarious and true, and inspired me to start thinking about the differences in American and European metal.  We can all thank Alice for the inspiration here!  Go on!  I said thank her, dammit!  Thanks Alice!  And now in celebration of guitar-driven European metal, let's listen to only European metal bands today!  Hooray!  Let's start off with an amazing Swedish power metal band called Dragonland.  I was told about this band by Aaron from Costa Rica, who sent me the link to their song "Beethoven's Nightmare."  You'll hear slight symphonic elements to this band's music, especially in their keyboard work, that makes the Classically-infuenced title fit perfectly.  Thanks Aaron!  The next band is one that I cannot believe I've never mentioned before.  I must have gotten a dozen recommedations for these guys, and my stupid brain kept going "LOL, K thx bye!"  They are Fintroll, a Finnish folk metal band!  I really shouldn't need to say more than that, that already spells out "kickass" better than I ever could.  Check out their music video for "Trollhammeren," right here.  Hey, I just realized that both of these bands have been Scandanavian so far!  Consistency on my part, yes?  Well, the last band I have for you today does NOT come from a Nordic country, but they are Italian, which I hear is still in Europe somewhere.  They are the awesome metal parody band called NanowaR (of Steel).  Similar to Massacration, these guys strike fear into the hearts of metal posers everywhere with their God-humbling powers to write hilarious metal.  Here's what they say on the band's Myspace page: "Even though propaganda states that Nanowar started their activity in 2003, many archeologists claim to have found undeniable proofs of Nanowar's existence dates back to 2003 B.C., when Ozzy was only three years old."  Instant love for these guys.  Here's their music video for the song "Nanowar."  Thanks to Lorenzo from Italy for giving me the links to this band!

And just to make sure this post is as long as possible (like you're going anywhere, anyway.  You're reading webcomics, you've got time.), I'd like to thank a bunch of people I've heard from this week.  Andreas and Matthijs from Wonderland or Neverland or Some Other Made-up Place deserve big thanks from me for their amazing recommendations.  Thank you guys!  And then to Kiki from the Netherlands for her fantastic rambles, recs, and remarks, a remarkable shoutout to her, as well!  And Manu from Argentina and Glen from Scotland for their recs, as well, you guys are too awesome!  Seriously, it's too much, stop being awesome.  Be lame or something.  And lastly to Sankalp from India, a fellow fan of AC/DC, and dare I say, a fellow devoted AC/DC NERD, thank you so much.  It was great getting to hear from all of you guys, and to the rest of you, I'll see you Monday morning!

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