196: Phone Call

This was a real conversation.  I still don't know where she learned it.  My only guess is that it all began with an unfortunate Google search gone horribly awry.  "Now, let's just look up this muffin recipe-OH MY GOD, what is he doing to her?!"  Hee.

Now for music, muzic, muzak!  Let's start off today with another band recommended by Aaron from Costa Rica.  Aaron gave us Dragonland last week, and he also gave us the band Hellyeah, a supergroup featuring members from Pantera/Damageplan, Mudvayne, and Nothingface  The band plays heavy metal similar to Pantera's, as well as many "Southern Metal" songs (metal with a country feel).  This song here is one of their Pantera-sounding ones called "Goddamn."  Thanks once more, Aaron!  Next we have a really cool guitarist by the name of Phil X.  Phil X has a band called The Drills, which you can listen to right here.  This video has just about everything a video needs: a kickass rock song, black-and-white band footage, and a sexy girl hitting clocks with a baseball bat for no reason.  But Phil X is also part of a really awesome Youtube channel called "FrettedAmericana", where he demos classic guitars and gear to show off their sound.  Here's an amazing video of him demoing a 1969 Fender Strat, and it sounds abolutely breathtaking.  I skipped forward to where the music starts.  The channel is really awesome, check it out if you like classic guitar demos.  These links were given to me by Ele from Spain.  Thank you, Ele!  And the last band today is a garageband from Mexico, called Le Butcherettes.  This duo of ladies have that perfect garage/indie sound of production, and the catchy pop-ish songs to match.  Here's the video for their song "I'm Queen."  We can all thank Adrian from Probably-Australia for recommending these guys!  And I would also like to thank Sebastian from Belgium, Ethan from Illinois, and Mike from Also-Illinois for the suggestions that THEY gave me recently!  And finally Angus from Australia, whose name/country combo is frankly too good to be true.  He must have made that up, it's too awesome otherwise.  Thanks to all of you kind folks!  I got a huge pile of emails over the weekend, which I am still trying to get through.  I promise to make my way through them all as soon as possible, you guys are just too kickass! Until then, stay tuned for more tomorrow!

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