197: Like A Woman

This comic is inspired by a meme sent to me by Maria from Germany.  It made the quote shown in the first panel, and I came up with the second line in my response to her email.  And then I just decided to make this an all-meme inspired comic!  :D  I even made a new meme image featuring my added line, which you can see right here!  Now you can all download this image or copy the page URL to share the new meme online!  Go crazy!

And now I have two new singles for you guys to listen to, from some very awesome albums coming out soon.  The first is Slash's new single from his upcoming album, a song called "You're A Lie", which you can listen to by clicking this link: http://slash.golnx.co/1oY.  This link is also part of a contest Slash is holding to spread the word about his single.  Everyone who signs up gets their own special link to share with their friends, and whoever's link gets clicked by the most people wins a signed 7" vinyl of the single!  So I'm putting my link up here for you all to click, and I might win a signed vinyl from Slash!  I totally got a shot at this!  Help me win, you guys!

The next single is something that everyone has been waiting a long time for.  I don't need to explain it at all, just let the magic speak for itself.  It's finally happening, you guys... they're finally back!!!  And we are alive to see it happen!  Life is fucking sweet!

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